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Dr Claudio Italiano Blog

Topics on gastroenterology


Irritable bowel syndrom

Food allergy
Irritable bowel syndrom
Irritable colon, variety
with constipation

Treatment of irritable
bowel syndrom


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and nutrition

Hypochromic feces
Total Parenteral Nutrition
Malabsorption syndrome:
mechanisms of nutrient absorption


Esophageal diseases

Esophageal peristalsis

Gastroenterological patient

Surgical abdominal pain
Flatulence, meteorism and aerophagia

Painful abdominal points
Palpation of the intestine
'The patient with abdominal distension
How to visit a patient
with distension of the abdomen?

Vomiting, hematemesis and melena: causes

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Abdominal signs

External and internal hernias
Intestinal gas

Colon Polyps
Polypectomy in the course
of colonoscopy

Abdominal hernia
Angina abdominis


Classification of
hemorrhoidal prolapse


Constipation and diarrhea

Constipation, diets for constipation

Laxative abuse, melanosis coli
 Why acute and chronic diarrhea?
Malabsorption syndrom
Food allergy

Colitis, diverticulosis



Abdominal pain

Pain in the upper right
abdominal quadrant

Left inferior abdomen pain


Gallbladder, news
Hydropic gallbladder
Acute pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis, complications
Esocrine pancreatic insufficiency
Acute appendicitis


Acute and chronic gastritis
Upper digestive tract bleeding
Gastrointestinal bleeding
Erosive stress syndrome