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Dr. Claudio Italiano Blog

Cardiology topics on Gastroepato website by dr Claudo Italiano



What about the ESH-ESC guidelines

Arterial hypertension and organ damage

Arterial hypertension and organ damage: damage markers

Hypertrophic heart disease

Focus on arterial hypertension

Complications in hypertension

The difficult treatment of hypertension

Tao and Noac

Oral anticoagulant therapy

Anticoagulants, heparins

Traditional oral anticoagulants
(Coumarinic) and new (NOAC)


Pulmonary Heart

 Pulmonary heart

 Physiopathology of pulmonary hypertension

Responsible diseases of the pulmonary heart

 The pulmonary heart disease,
diagnostics and treatment

Prevention of
cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular risk and its factors

The cardiometabolic risk
in type 1 diabetes mellitu

The patient swollen

Treatment of heart attack today




The infarcted

Myocardial infarction

Coronary syndrome UA / NSTEMI

Complicanze dell'infarto: bradiaritmie

Patient with SCA
(Acute Coronary Syndrome)

Ecg, arrhytmias
& device


Sick sinus syndrome (SSS)

The maneuver of the carotid sinus

 Atrio-ventricular block (BAV)

Long QT syndrome

Ventricular Extrasystoles

Catheter ablation in
supraventricular arrhythmias

Infectious endocarditis

 The pacemaker

The dangerous atrial fibrillation

The good care with digital

Defibrillation of a patient

Explanation of the
electrocardiogram (ECG)
for non-physician

Criteria for reading an ecg

T waves of ischemia at the electrocardiogram

Ecg and heart attack, the classic signs

Axial deviation and ECG


Heart generality
and signs

Practical anatomy of
the heart and large vessels

The circulatory system

 Cardiac semeiotics

Chest pain

Chest pain of myocardial origin

Chest pain of pericardial origin

The chest drum

Pulmonary embolism

Pulmonary embolism

cardiovascular diseases


Chronic stable angina and treatment

Treatment of heart attack today

Myocarditis, chest pain and feveri

Heart failure

Right heart failure

Pericardial effusion

The Valvular patient

Mitral insufficiency

Insufficiency of the tricuspid (IT)

Stenosis of the mitral valve


 The dangerous atrial fibrillation

T waves of ischemia
at the electrocardiogram

Ecg and heart attack, the classic signs

Extracorporeal circulation

Cardiac valvular prosthesis