The diet for gastritis or gastric ulcer

 dr Claudio Italiano

It should be noted that with the latest therapies in our possession for the treatment of hypersecretory dyspetic disease and benign stomach ulcers in general, it is no longer necessary to subject the ulcerative and dyspeptic patient to special diets.
Dietro un'ulcera si nasconde il cancro del corpo dello stomaco.

Gastroscopy: stomach cancer often hides behind a stomach ulcer.

Gastroscopy: stomach cancer often hides behind a gastric ulcer.

In fact, adequate treatment with proton pump inhibitors (Omeprazole, Lanzoprazole, Pantoprazole, Rabeprazole, Esomeprazole) and with the use of antacid drugs (sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate and aluminum and magnesium hydroxide) is possible already immediately obtain a good regression of the dyspetic symptoms, that is the sensation of pain and burning epigastric and restosternal pyrosis with slow digestion and repetition, without resorting to particular diets.

Conversely, at one time, special diets were used for the ulcerative patient. For example, a classic diet was the "milk diet". The patient with ulcer had to take milk and dairy products, avoid meat broth, spices, chocolate, fruit juices, mint, smoke, onion etc. In any case, because many of you have sent us e-mail to know precisely what is indicated to eat in case of ulcer disease, we will try to answer your questions from this gastroenterology website, premising that in any case it is always your doctor in charge of the only person responsible for your health, investigations and treatment to which you are subject. This clarified, we urge you, however, and in any case, always start the appropriate investigations, if you suffer from epigastric pain that you think is a benign gastric ulcer, because otherwise it can conceal a cancerous ulcer of the stomach.

This is to tell you that, in the approach of a gastroenterological patient, the simple occult blood of the stool and a trivial gastroscopy can often save your life and direct the best care, also because many diseases exchanged for simple ulcers hide the danger of infection from Helicobacter pylori and that during an endoscopic investigation it is possible to collect gastric mucosal frustules and research this bacterium.

What can a patient with gastric ulcer or acute gastritis eat?

After the acute phase of his pathology, when the melena and the blood emitted with vomit or hematemesis, impose parenteral nutrition, that is, for venous access, with nutritional bag and appropriate hospital therapies, once at home, and passed the phase of cold pastina and the cooked pear (sic!), you can eat:

- for breakfast: a cup of sweetened milk (if you are not suffering from diabetes, see diet for diabetes) or two rusks
- for lunch g 50 of pastina with 10 g of oil and
10 g of Parmesan cheese (without use of meat nut)
150 g of meat, preferably very tender or preferably minced, lean (eg Hamburger) cooked on the grill side dish of mashed potatoes for g 170, with 100 g of milk and 10 g of butter
50 g of soft bread
200 g of baked apples or pears boiled in sugar syrup

at dinner g 30 of milk semolina dressed with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese
g. 50 of soft cheese, ex. asiago, swiss, beautiful country etc. side dish of boiled vegetables or well cooked zucchini, almost flour, seasoned with oil
50 g of soft bread
200 g of baked apples or pears boiled in sugar syrup

In the following week
It is possible instead of pasta in vegetable broth, to consume boiled rice seasoned with oil and Parmesan or a nice plate of spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce and basil. The second dish of minced meat can be replaced by one or two soft-boiled eggs or boiled fish, eg. sole, cod boiled and seasoned with oil.

Important is always to avoid:
- smoke
- Spicy food, spices, condiments
- fried and fried
- dadies of meat and broth of meat (remember that the peptoni contained in the broth stimulate the gastric acid, what are the peptoni? These are very small parts of the proteins that are potential stimulators precisely of the acid secretion of the stomach)
- chocolate
- mint
- acid fruit juices

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